Camber Sands – My favourite beach thus far

Camber Sands in Kent has to be my favourite beach thus far in the United Kingdom.  Hopefully with an upcoming trip to Cornwall that might change!  The beach itself is OK.  Some sand and some pebbles, nothing really to write home about really, that is until sunset!


The sunsets in Camber Sands are spectacular!  The direction that the beach faces (west) makes it perfect to capture the sun and the colours over the ocean, with sea defences adding some interest.  This post has a couple of photos from 2012 / 2013 from some of my favourite times down at that beach.

To get a fullscreen view of the pictures, click one of them and please leave a comment below, or share and like the photos.  If you would like to purchase one of these they are available on my Fine Art America page.

Dog and Hist Master - Camber Sands
Dog and His Master
Candy Floss Skies - Camber Sands
Candy Floss Skies
The Sign - Camber Sands
The Sign

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