Hampton Vale Nature Reserve

Hampton Vale Nature Reserve is a newly created area for the Parish of Hampton Vale in Peterborough, England.  It is home to a variety of birds, water voles and many dragon flies.

Photo Walk

I took these photos towards the end summer last year.  The first picture hangs proudly in the entrance hall of our house.  The picture is of Haddon lake, mysteriously the gates had been left open so I got to see the site for a future house development.  The lake is the result of the Brick Pits that were there when the London Brick Company was still manufacturing them.  The site has since been levelled and all that is left is this lake.

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Haddon Lake - Hampton Nature Reserve
View over Haddon Lake
Hampton Vale Nature Reserve
Hampton Vale Nature Reserve
Sunset - Hampton Nature Reserve
Sunset as seen from the Hampton Vale Nature Reserve
Moon rising - Hampton Nature Reserve
Moon rising in the Hampton Nature Reserve

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