In 2015 I had to go through the painful experience of renewing my South African passport at the consulate in London.  On the trip to collect it I took my camera along to capture some of the sites of this historic capital. Click any of the images for a Fullscreen Gallery.

Black Cabs

This image was taken on the mall, with Trafalgar Square located through the arches in the background.  These are London Black Cabs.

Black Cabs - London
London Black Cabs on the Mall (iso 100; f/11; 1/160; 18-35mm)

The Mall

I took this one standing on a traffic island looking towards Buckingham Palace.  Not sure if it is 100% legal, as you cannot take a photo while standing on a roundabout in England!

Mall - Buckingham Palace - London
The Mall – Buckingham Palace (iso 100; f/11; 1/160; 18-35mm)

Queen Victoria Memorial

This is a close-up of the Victoria Memorial, which is a Memorial for Queen Victoria(duh?).  I decided to blow out the grey sky and create a minimalist image. As it was very busy here with lots of tourists I don’t think I payed too much attention to my settings, as I would of rather have shot it in ISO 100.

Victoria Memorial - London
Victoria Memorial (iso 400; f/7.1; 1/4000; 55-300mm)

Buckingham Palace

What started out as a nice sunny day turned in to the typical British “doom and gloom” weather.  Still, the Palace is an impressive sight, no matter what the weather.

Buckingham Palace - London
Buckingham Palace (iso 160; f/10; 1/320; 18-55mm)

Big Ben

Big Ben (Queen Elizabeth II Clock Tower) from afar.  I decided to go black and white on this one, as it made it easier to highlight the tower.  The trees and signage are too distracting in colour.

Big Ben - London
Big Ben (iso 160; f/6.3; 1/500; 18-55mm)

The Shard

The Shard and the Underground.   This photo is actually themed in a couple of different ways.  There is Transport (3 modes) and there are London Icons (3 of those).

The Shard - London
The Shard (iso 100; f/10; 1/100; 18-55mm)

Tower Bridge – From The Tower Of London

The weather at this point was pretty shocking, so I had to be quite heavy handed in the post-processing to bring this picture to life.  Tower bridge is quite a spectacular site, as is the Tower of London which is just behind the location I was standing.

Tower Bridge - London
Tower Bridge (iso 160; f / 11; 1/160; 18-55mm)

I hope you like some of the images, please leave a comment below.  They are always appreciated!


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