Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava

In May 2016, we went on holiday to the Costa Brava in Spain.  The region has a stunning, rugged coastline with many of the towns situated in little bays.  One of the towns we visited was Tossa de Mar and it proved to be our favourite of the holiday.  We approached the town from the west, and the photos in this post take you through our brief day visit.  The town is really worth seeing.

All photos were taken using my Nikon D5100, with various lenses.  They were processed in Lightroom and Photoshop.  The best way to view the photos is to click the first one, it will open a fullscreen gallery.

Approaching from sea

The first glimpse you get of this town is one of the medieval towers which are part of the towns old fortifications.  When it first appears over the horizon you are not sure if you are seeing a town or a castle, once you round the peninsula all is revealed.

Tossa de Mar
Tossa de Mar, approaching from the west

The boats sail right up on to the main beach, which gives you a unique perspective of the town, and a sense of history contrast with the medieval walls and the bright white seafront restaurants and villas.

Tossa de Mar
Tossa de Mar, arriving in the bay

Tourist District

Walking through the tourist part of the town you will encounter this charming little chapel.

Chapel of Mare de Deu del Socors
Chapel of Mare de Deu del Socors

The imposing town walls as seen from the tourist shopping district.  There are many quaint little shops with interesting keep-sakes on display.

Tossa de Mar
Tossa de Mar, Tourist district

There are a number of restaurants just outside of the old town walls.  They offer set menu meals for reasonable prices (for a tourist on holiday!) In 2015 I think it was about 17 Euros for a 3 course meal.

Tossa de Mar
Tossa de Mar, Restaurants on the Old Town Wall

Beaches and Critters

This is just outside the old walls on the western side of the town, there is a secluded beach with calm waters allowing.  The main beach can get quite busy and has ferries arriving at regular times.

Tossa de Mar
Tossa de Mar, Bay to the west of the town
Our daughter Amy

I managed to capture this seagull with its catch.  It was one of those moments where you do not get a moment to think about your camera settings as it was unexpected, hence it is not as sharp as I would of liked.

Seagull with catch in its beak
Tourist Cruiser
Tourist Cruiser
Heading out to sea

Most of the day I was switching between the 18-55mm kit lens and my 55-300mm zoom.  As it was a family day out I did not want to hold up the family with most of the shots, so a lot of it was just “shooting from the hip”.

I hope you enjoyed these photos and a bit of the backstory.  If you would like to follow me on Twitter, or subscribe to my blog use the buttons below.

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